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Bob LaClair  |  Co-Chair

Former Regional President

Fifth Third Bank Northwest Ohio. 

Lisa McDuffie | Co-Chair


 YWCA of Northwest Ohio 

The Toledo Racial Equity and Inclusion Council (TREIC) was formed to facilitate the development of a community strategy to address the root causes of poverty, dismantle systemic barriers caused by structural racism, and build wealth within communities of color in Greater Toledo. In the days immediately following the death of George Floyd, a group of leaders in the Black community formed a team and developed an agenda focusing on addressing racial disparity gaps for Black Toledoans. Simultaneously, a group of public and private sector leaders was developing a framework to address the root causes of poverty and to build wealth for the Black and Brown residents and communities. After learning the two groups were focusing on addressing racial and ethnic disparities caused by structural racism and concentrated poverty, the two groups came together as Toledo Racial Equity and Inclusion Council (TREIC). A commitment was made to build a framework where the private and public sectors can stand with members of the Black and Brown community by committing to make meaningful changes to achieve racial and ethnic equity in Toledo.

Seven pillar focus areas have been identified with public, private, non-profit, and community stakeholders collaborating to analyze data and identify priorities, goals, objectives, and actions to be taken to create equity.   The pillar focus areas are:

Economic Development
An equitable business and entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports, job attraction, creation, and economic mobility for Black and Brown individuals and communities in Toledo.

An educational ecosystem where Black and Brown students in Toledo receive the resources needed to graduate from high school with a vocational certificate prepared for post-secondary education.

Health & Well-Being
Community and systems that actively support and enhance the ability of Black and Brown residents in Toledo to achieve their optimal health and well-being.

Strengthen and improve neighborhoods and open doors to opportunities for Black and Brown residents to live in any neighborhood of their choice, to have the ability to live, work, and play in thriving, attractive, and inclusive communities.

Social Justice
Increase public and private sector advocacy, investment, and programming to achieve equitable access to opportunities and treatment within the criminal justice process and system for Black and Brown residents and communities.

Workforce Development
Reduce racial disparity in economic stability by ensuring equitable access to employment, training, and promotional opportunities.

Invest in equitable opportunities for youth by investing in youth-driven civic and community involvement that focuses on recreation, wellness, arts, and cultural programming.